The Runaway Guys are an online group of gaming content producers! Launched in 2011 by Chuggaaconroy, NintendoCapriSun, and Proton Jon with a series on Mario Party, the group has consistently produced informative and comedic content on their YouTube channel.


At PAX East 2012, the group established a video game trivia and challenge show that would go on to become Thrown Controllers, which has grown into a hugely popular show, appearing in the United States and Canada at several conventions.


In May of 2018, The Runaway Guys Colosseum was live streamed as a weekend long event to raise money for Direct Relief. This was followed up in May of 2019 and in April of 2020, both once again in benefit of Direct Relief. To date, The Runaway Guys Colosseum has raised over $500,000!

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